Entrepreneur, Screenwriter, Marketer, Blogger, and eCommerce Professional, Timothy Jean Brouwers, is the Founder of Opposing Forces. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, and at 3 years old, he was adopted by a Dutch couple that gave him an amazing childhood. By the time he was 18 years old, and after gaining work experience, Timothy decided to explore the world and lived abroad for a year.

Starting his journey, Timothy volunteered with ecological farms in several countries, where he planted trees in the desert and served as a Sheppard. The more he worked outdoors, the more his love and appreciation grew for nature. This love would stick with Timothy all throughout his life and even inspire his future projects. After his volunteer service ended, he held positions that have included Artistic Label Manager, Creative Manager of Publishing, e-Commerce Freelancer, Campaign Manager, Online Publishing Manager, and Mobile Search Marketer, among others. Taking a big step into the public eye, he also serves as a Screenwriter who focuses on Action, Drama, and Scifi. At one point, he even worked as a music producer and has released 24 records, while also being a part of over 100 compilations CD’s, that have sold more than 1 million copies, worldwide.

Today, he is using his years of experience to share his insights with the world through his blog, Timothy’s Stories by Timothy Brouwers. His blog serves as a visual tag cloud where readers will have the chance to view the things that Timothy finds interesting and that capture his thoughts enough to even keep him up at night. By sharing the real world articles of others, he’s able to give his readers a glimpse inside his mind. In the future, his blog will also include services for conceptional design and visual branding. Timothy’s Stories by Timothy Brouwers is part of his company Opposing Forces. Here, he helps those looking to join the entertainment industry by providing promotion and exposure services.

Along with this, Timothy serves as a Creative Director in his and former Miss Nevada, Lisa Song Sutton‘s, Liquid & Lace, Inc. Founded in 2014, Liquid & Lace, Inc, is a luxury swim wear and lingerie brand which became the official swim and sports wear Sponsor for the Miss United States of America- 2019. Partnered with Fundamental Elements Foundation and Miami Model Citizens, Liquid & Lace, Inc donates a portion of their earnings to charities that support women and children. Along side this, he designs websites, online concepts, and is skilled in e-commerce, advertising, social media, and celebrity marketing. Timothy is also the former owner of the very successful social media website, Likeplusfollow.me, which provided marketing for celebrities, top models, and hip hop talent from Def Jam Records.

Finding inspiration from notable people such as Napoleon Hill, Niccolò Machiavelli and Sun Tzu, Timothy has been able to make many personal accomplishments along side his professional ones. Not only did he once lose 16 kg in just 3 months after weighing 85 kg, but also came close to becoming a millionaire in one year. He’s traveled the world, did promotion work for Jennifer Lopez and was even one of the first Google certified advertising professionals in the Netherlands. No matter what he is doing, however, his goal is to not only bring himself financial freedom for generations to come, but to also bring the same success to others. Outside of this and his career, Timothy enjoys reading, writing, designing, running and mounting biking.

Business Biography

Opposing Forces was founded in 2010 by Timothy Jean Brouwers in the Netherlands. It’s goal is to be a go-to source for aspiring creatives to receive promotion, marketing and engagement services. After spending years working in music, film and marketing, Timothy decided to use his knowledge to help those who are trying to break into the entertainment industry. Those who use Opposing Forces will not only experience professionalism and dedication, but will also be given the tools they need to move forward with their career, making each and every one of their dreams come true.









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